We are delighted to work directly with needlework shop owners! 

New pattern releases always ship to you first. 

We do not wholesale all of our items, but you are more than welcome to browse the listing below for our offerings.  These items are listed at the retail price.

All orders can be sent to barefootneedleart@gmail.com.

View all 4_leaf_clover 4th_of_July aida anchor animal athenian Autumn baking bat bayou beach beauty BEE bird birdcage black blue bow_and_arrow bows Broom Broom Stitck Brown Bunny cabin candle candy_cane Carrot cat cat tails cattail Christmas Christmas Lights christmas_lights christmas_tree cocoa Coffee cooking coral crab cross_stitch cross_stitch_pattern cupcake DMC dog dr_suess duck Easter Egg elf evenweave expo Fall Family feast feathers fish flamingo flamingos FLOWER fur baby Geese gentle_arts gingerbread man giving_thanks gold gray greece green grey halloween hanukkah Hat Heart heaven High_on_loving_you Holiday holidays indian jewish kracken lake life_is_too_short Light Post Lighthouse Love mailbox manora march melon mermaid merman Moon nautical Needle Needlepoint Needlework net new release ocean octopus orange orange moon ornament Owl palm tree Pastel patriotic patterns paw Peach pelican penguin pet pilgrim Pink pirate present presents pride pumpkin pumpkins PURPLE quote quotes rainbow red Rope sand sand dollar santa Scarf sea sea turtle seagull seahorse Shells ship shipwreck signs silver snow snowflake Snowman spider spider_web spooky SPRING st_patricks_day st_pattys_day starfish stars stitching stitchy Stripes summer sun sunshine tail Tea teepee thankful Thanksgiving The_Notebook titan toes_in_the_sand Treasure Treasure Chest Tree turtle under_water_scene undersea_God Valentines_Day vampire waves Weeks_Dye_Works whale wheel white wholesalechart wings winter Witch yellow